The 19th International Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference
Kyoto 2017

Invited Speakers

Toshio Ando (Japan) [Opening Plenary]
"High-speed atomic force microscopy and its future prospects"

Nam-Joon Cho (Singapore)
"Force spectroscopic profiling of phosphoinositide interactions with viral proteins and small molecule inhibitors"

Yasuo Cho (Japan)
"Local deep level transient spectroscopy imaging of trap distribution in SiC MOS interface based on scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy"

Peter Grutter (Canada)
"Ultrafast time resolution in AFM measurements of charge transport in sustainable energy materials"

Shigeki Kawai (Japan)
"Atomic scale contact studied with a functionalized tip of high-resolution atomic force microscopy"

Paul Koenraad (Netherlands)
"Magnetic interactions in artificially created Mn assemblies in a GaAs (110) surface"

Francesc Perez-Murano (Spain)
"Scanning probe lithography and its application to directed self-assembly of block co-polymers"

Thomas Perkins (U.S.A.)
"Hidden dynamics in the mechanical unfolding of bacteriorhodopsin revealed by 1-µs force spectroscopy"

Hidemi Shigekawa (Japan)
"What can we do by optical pump-probe STM?"